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The studio was opened in 1987 by Roberto Cassibba.
The architect Roberto Cassibba graduated in 1986 from the University of Palermo, he was qualified to practice the profession in 1987, the same year he started his freelance activities.


Architectural preservation
Historic buildings and earthquakes
Waterproofing and thermal insulation systems "mortar, plaster and coating systems"
Project Financing


Coordinator during planning and execution in compliance with Legislative Decree n° 81/88


National Register of testers to issue certificates for fire prevention
Register of Consultants of the court of Ragusa
Register of Energy Certification of the Sicily region
the firm
the firm
the firm


The Architect Cassibba along with his team of trusted collaborators and experts work together to meet all customer needs.



The study deals with architecture, urban planning, construction management and consulting, developing projects for public and private buildings, villas, residential buildings, urban spaces, as well as structural engineering and plant engineering.



Every project starts with an idea and ends with a certainty, because it's cared for to the smallest detail.



Our vast knowledge allows us to scale from the broader design to the smaller elements of interiors and exteriors.



The passion for each project accompanies a bright career path,

which it resulted in years of satisfaction and recognition



"If it's true that towns have a soul,

the task of the architect

is to extrapolate the soul of places

and things."

The Firm
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